Systems Integration Lives Here

Technology is a wonderful invention.
Computers and devices can assist us to view information at the touch of a button, order our food and keep our money safe.  But has it made our lives easy?  So many different systems to learn to get what we want.  Sales information in one system, telephone call information in another and then what about if we want to graph that information along side another key KPI (Key Performance Indicator), like a door counter?  As a manager, or owner of a business, information is the guide that shows you the path to increased sales and profits.  But not at the expense of efficiency.  What good is collecting all this information if you then have to then transcribe it into yet another system to understand it?

Systems Integration is the key to understanding and overcoming many of today’s business issues.

Lets look at a simple example:
As a business owner, you make a decision to invest in a new telephone system.  Communication is a important key in almost any business.  Now you add CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to better manage your customer information.  Great!  So no longer will you require paper and pen to keep that important information about your customer, or need to trawl through a notebook looking for it!

But how will you know when that client is calling?  How will John, your Saturday morning fill in staff member, know that the customer on the phone has been speaking to your team all week about a lucrative deal?

The answer is integration!
When John answered the phone call, an application popped up that delivered key information to him in an instant.  The CRM database was looked up, and the important information was displayed, like name, company, orders pending, calls made/received to this number and provision for notes.

We specilise in bring systems together.  Weather it’s a door counter, sales information, telephone systems or airline flight status, we can integrate your systems to deliver a faster, better more seamless experience for your business, empowering you to lead your industry in customer service and efficiency.

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